Bubble 1.0 vs Bubble 2.0

1. Bubble 1 is the original version of Bubble

2. This is the only version that allows you to print on plain paper. The bubble 2 printer was first released in

3. It has a much larger screen than the bubble 1 and can print in full color. It also prints on special bubble paper, which makes your prints look very similar to the ones printed on an inkjet printer. Here are some of the reasons you might want to consider a bubble 2 over a bubble 1: -Resolution: The bubble 2 prints at 1200dpi on plain paper. This is more than double the resolution of the bubble

4. This means text and graphics will be sharper and clearer than on the bubble

5. -Print Color: The bubble 2 can print in full color (in red, blue and green) on bubble paper. If you are going to print on plain paper, this is something that the bubble 1 does not allow. -Speed: The bubble 2 has a faster print speed than the bubble

6. You can get up to 150 pages per minute. This is much faster than the bubble

7. -Price: Bubble 2 printers are much more expensive than the bubble

8. You can get them for around $200-$300, but they are still much cheaper than laser printers. -Recommendation: If you are going to use your printer for everyday purposes, go with the bubble

9. It will produce better quality prints and will last longer than the bubble

10. If you only occasionally use your printer, the bubble 2 is probably not what you want. It will be much more expensive and have a much lower initial cost.

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